Exell Battery 505A NEDA A221 Alkaline 22.5V Replaces ANSI / NEDA-221, IEC-15F15

An Eveready 505 replacement

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Exell Battery 505A


Battery ModelA221/505A
Length50.2mm (1.98″)
Diameter15.9mm (0.63″)



  • 15F15
  • 15LR54
  • 221
  • 221A
  • 333/U
  • 505
  • 505A
  • 505E/B
  • 75
  • A221
  • A505
  • B155
  • BA333U
  • BL-MV15
  • BLR155
  • DRY1715
  • E505EV505
  • M505
  • MV15E
  • NR75
  • VS705
  • W15
  • Y-15
  • Y15


  • 1978 Dayni Controller Box
  • Raychronix D-1A Ionization Chamber Cutie Pie
  • NRD CS-40 Ionization Cutie Pie
  • Raychronix D-6 Samson Alpha meter
  • Mekano Spotron Professional 1965
  • Arvin Mini Transistor Radio 61R13

Exell Battery 505A (Eveready 505 or NEDA 221) is an Alkaline replacement for the once-popular Zinc Chloride battery that was commonly used in AVO meters,Vintage sprinkler controls and flash units. Being Alkaline, our replacement will last longer than the original. It is widely used in vintage collectible transistor radios and in flash units, such as the Bolsen Flash Unit, the Ricoh 500 Flash Unit and the Kodak Brownie Flashholder 4 Flash Unit.

Exell Battery is one of the few product lines Proudly Assembled in the USA. Made with Alkaline cells, Exell Batteries will last longer and offer consumers excellent reliability.

Exell Batteries not only provide consumers with high efficiency, long-lasting performance, they also function as replacement batteries for an array of common and unique applications. Ranging from vintage camera equipment to sophisticated medical testing equipment, Exell Batteries can meet the needs of all consumers.