Exell Battery A132 3V Alkaline Replaces ANSI / NEDA-1200A, IEC-2LR50

An Eveready E132N Battery Replacement

Date: February 13, 2014 Category: View Project
Exell Battery A132
Battery ModelA132
  • 2LR50
  • H-2P/A
  • EN132A
  • PC132A
  • TR132
  • EPX132
  • TR132T
  • 2MR50
  • 2NR50
  • E132
  • E132N
  • H-2P
  • H132R
  • TR132
  • TR132R
  • 132A
  • A132

Exell Battery A132 is an Alkaline replacement for the Eveready E132N. It is widely and successfully used in military night vision binoculars. as well as in other industrial applications (photographic, pager, instrument, electronic, test equipment, and more). This A132 replacement produces 3 Volts, which is a little higher than the 2.7V produced by the original mercury version. Most devices accomodate the small increase in voltage and function perfectly.

Exell Battery is one of the few product lines Proudly Assembled in the USA. Made with Alkaline cells, Exell Batteries will last longer and offer consumers excellent reliability

This Exell Battery A132 not only provides consumers with high efficiency, long-lasting performance, they also function as replacement batteries for an array of common and unique applications. Ranging from vintage camera equipment to sophisticated medical testing equipment, Exell Batteries can meet the needs of all consumers.