About Us

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

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Our mission

Life moves quickly and the old get forgotten without remorse. Unfortunately great products that are irreplaceable to the users are forgotten during this process as well. The batteries that power these devices have been discontinued.

Exell Battery has made it our mission to uphold the standard of the Eveready Battery. Our line of replacement batteries maintain the same quality and standard.

Meet our team

  • Michael Dinielli

    President & CEO

    Heading the overall sales distribution of the Exell Battery™ product lines, I am pleased to offer high quality, hard-to-find batteries that so many consumers need to keep their devices in operation.

  • Avel Ureño

    Vice President & CTO

    I provide the R&D behind each product resurrected from the past. Careful consideration, time and testing is put into creating a new Exell Battery™ product.

  • Donna Criswell

    Business Operations

    As the Business Operations Manager I am the liaison between the various departments from R&D, Marketing, Production, Sale and Marketing and Accounting/Finance.